Ames Procedural Requirements (APR) 8715.1

Ames Safety and Health Manual


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Chapter 1Ames Safety and Health Policy
Chapter 2Safety and Health ResponsibilityREDACTED
Chapter 3Health Unit
Chapter 4Mishap Reporting and Investigating
Chapter 5Smoking PolicyREDACTED
Chapter 6Working Alone
Chapter 7Ames Radiation Safety GuideREDACTED
Chapter 8Laser and Microwave SafetyREDACTED-revised in 2012, updated version available for viewing on site
Chapter 9Aviation SafetyCANCELLED
Chapter 10Pressure System SafetyRESERVED
Chapter 11Electrical Safety
Chapter 12Explosives SafetyRESERVED
Chapter 13Chemical Hygiene Program
Chapter 14Shop SafetyREDACTED
Chapter 15Cryogenic Safety
Chapter 16Vehicle SafetyCANCELLED
Chapter 17Lifting Devices and Equipment
Chapter 18Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment
Chapter 19Ethylene Oxide SafetyCANCELLED
Chapter 20Fire Protection
Chapter 21Materials HandlingCANCELLED
Chapter 22Public Safety
Chapter 23Control of Narcotics and Other Controlled Drugs Including AlcoholREDACTED
Chapter 24Chemical Hazard Communication PlanREDACTED
Chapter 25Formaldehyde SafetyCANCELLED
Chapter 26Confined-Space Entry Program
Chapter 27Construction Safety Management
Chapter 28Respiratory Protection
Chapter 29Hearing Conservation Program
Chapter 30Asbestos Management Plan
Chapter 31Lockout/Tagout
Chapter 32Bloodborne Pathogens
Chapter 33Personal Protective Equipment (PPE); Hazard Assessment and Selection
Chapter 34Safety Plan for ER-2S Aircraft Carrying HydrazineCANCELLED
Chapter 35Lead Management Plan
Chapter 36Ames Ergonomics ProgramRESERVED
Chapter 37Indoor Air Quality
Chapter 38OSHA Regulated Carcinogen Control ProgramREDACTED
Chapter 40Fall Protection Program
Chapter 41Animals in the Workplace PolicyREDACTED
Chapter 42Safety Lanes, Barricades, Hazard Labeling, and Posting
Chapter 43Office Safety
Chapter 44Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety
Chapter 45Food SanitationREDACTED
Chapter 46Automatic External Defibrillation ProgramRESERVED
Chapter 47Portable Ladder SafetyCANCELLED
Chapter 48Portable Hand and Power toolsCANCEL
Chapter 49Laboratory Decommissioning GuidelinesREDACTED
Chapter 50Nanomaterials Safety & Health Guideline for Carbon-based NanomaterialsREDACTED
Chapter 51Extreme Environmental Review Board